A Paragraph – Long Description of Each Poem(2)

  • USA

When I was high school student, I participated in the program which encouraged participants to develop their English skill. I went to the USA and stayed host family’s house for two weeks with many other participants and two teachers in March. I went abroad for the first time and this was my very first flight. I was afraid of the flight because plane shaked a little. I took a lot of new experiences. I recieved different culture directly. USA showed me new scenery. It impressed me and inspired me. This poem shows my honest feelings when I was in the USA.


  • Host Family

When I went to the USA to improve my English skill, I stayed a host family’s house for two weeks. My host family was a father and a son. They were so tall. The son was two years younger than me but he was as tall as me. I was so surprised. They were so kind to me. They took me a lot of places and I experienced that I could not do in Japan. All memories which I spent there were very important for me. They are my treasure in my life. This poem expressed part of memories and my feeling.


  • Change My Attitude

I took a lot of experiences in the USA. It seems only logical to you, conversations by English flew around everyday there. I could not tell American people my thought unless I speak to them by English. Telling someone my mind using different languages that I do not use everyday was vory difficult. I made an effort to tell them it. I used electronic dictionary frequently in conversations. I understood again that learning languages is difficult and using them is more difficult. And then, I should change my attitude toward learning languages. This poem shows my exprience and my determination.

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A Paragraph – Long Description of each Poem-

  • English

When I was first year in elementary school, I started to go to an English conversation school. The school divided many class by level and my class was small-class education. The class consisted of six students and one Japanese, teacher and one British teacher. Other students were same age to me. We learned English by reading textbooks, listening CD, playing board games which are written by English and so on. I learned English there for five years. I touched English little bit when I was kindergarden child. However this is the first time I did it deeply. This story was I went there first time.

  • British Hills

When I was five year in elementary school, I went to the facility named “British Hills” in Fukushima prefecture with English conversation school’s classmates. The purpose of this program was to understand different country’s culture and to improve our English skill. We stayed there two days and had many activities. The building could experience British life style. For example, how to make scone, interesting color drink, and so on. Other school students were also there. I took a lot of experiences with them. In doing activities with them, I found that it is important for me to interact with people actively.

  • Junior High School

I entered junior high school and classes started. English class was included. However level of the class was much easier than English conversation school which I had been to. I had took English conversation school class once a week and I touched native English most of class. Junior high school class was many times a week, but I rarely took native speaker’s class. Most of it was did by Japanese teacher and content was about words and grammers. This situation continued for three years. At that time, my attitude toward English was changed very much by junior high school classes.

  • High School

I graduated from junior high school and entered a high school. The high school had international course. It specialized in English and different culture. I wanted to learn English more, so I had took entrance exam and passed it. My class consisted of 40 students and I didn’t know most of them. Most of junior high school’s friends entered other high schools so I must had the new life without close friends.  Before entering the class, I thought that my new classmates had decent English skill and I could polish English skill each other. This is a story that I had such a optimistic and silly opinion.

  • My Classmates’s Skill

I had a silly thought that my classmates had as strong English skill as me before entering high school class. However I threw away such an opinion after entering there. My classmate had stronger English skill than me. many of classmates spoke English very well. They spoke to ALT and English teachers in English, enjoyably. I thought that I had decent English skill, but my thought was too easy. I seemed to get so conceited. And it was trigger I must learn English more hard. This story shows a scene that was included I was danced by my classmates’s English skill. 

  • High School Class

Junior high school English class was not good for me. However I anticipated that high school class was different from junior high school’s. My hope was correct. Although doing was similar content to junior high school’s, my motivation to learn English was inspired. ALT came more than it and Japanese teacher’s pronunciation was better than it. How to teach English was very good. The classes gave me a lot of knowledge. For example, correct pronunciation, abundant words and grammers, and so on. Thanks to high school class, I  became to like English more and to learn it hard. I respect high school English teachers.

  • Interaction with Foreigners

When I was high school student, my class had many chances to interact with foreign students. It was one of program to improve English skill and communication skill. My classmates had high English skill and interacted with them actively. I had higher English skill than in junior high school so I attempted to talk to them. However I found serious problem. I didn’t have enough communication skill. As a result, I hesitated to talk to them. This story shows that I got cold feet to interact with them. If you were same situation, would you interact with foreign students actively?

Explanation of a Theme of the Book

The theme of these poems is English experiences in my life. I have ever taken a lot of them. For example school classes, interactiones, overseas, and so on. These memories are stimulating to me. I chose ten stories which I am remained strongly in them and wrote poems about each of them. According to this, ten poems have the connection about English memory I have ever experienced. They also include my emotion. I changed my attitude toward English many times. English is important to me very much. Reading my poems, you can touch my experiences about English and my feelings.

Self Introduction

My name is Ryo Murakami. I am from Nagano. Nagano is surounded mountains. It has a lot of nature. I grew up there. Because of it, I maybe became an easygoing person. I like my hometown because I can be relax there. 

I am a courage student. I attend Gunma Unniversity. I am second year in it. My major is social and information studies. A lot of subjects inspire me. I will study hard and acquire a lot of skills.

I have learned English sinse I was first year in elementary school. English is difficult to me but I never give up learning it.

Poems about Memories(revision4)

・Interaction with Foreigners

I was high school student

I had several chances to interact with foreign students

My classmates talked with them enjoyably

But I just smiled and nodded

My mouth just moved

Not voice

My mind went blank

I felt like sweating a lot


・My Classmates’s skill

I was high school student

My classroom was international

They had much more English skill than me

Numerous English words attacked me

My brain could not catch all of them

I felt like a broken robot


・My Host Family

My host family was cool and active

They took me a lot of place

I had precious experiences

Praying before meals

Sunday morning market in church

I could interact to a lot of people

My face was full smile

Poems about Memories(revision3)

・British Hills

I and my English classmates go to the “British Hills”

It is snowing heavily

My eyes can catch it clearly

Friend’s hand is very warm

The facility is so bright and so quiet

It looks like a masical school

Many English learners are in there

New interactions expand my mind

I am like in the dream


・Change My Attitude

Many experiences

in USA

Speaking to my host family in English every day

Speaking to their friends in English every day


Speaking a word,

Speaking a phrase,

Speaking a sentence,

Challenge to tackle a language wall


How useless the school’s English is!

Now, I must acquire English skills for speaking

with my passion and strong motivation

My goals are clear now

Poems about Memories(revision2)


A small white room

Two teachers and a few classmates

I open the textbook

One of teachers speak a language

I do not understand the language

But my heart pounding high

My first exposure to English



High school

Cherry blossoms

Many girls and a few boys in the room

Their faces are like sun

My face is like a dark cloud

Their high English proficiency

My low English proficiency

They look hopeful and excited

I am anxious and  fearful

Poems about Memories(3)

My Classmates’s skill

I was high school student

My classroom was international

They had strong English power

Fluent English words attacked me

My brain could not catch all of them

I felt like a broken robot


High school class

High school’s English class changed me

It was similar to junior high school’s

But my heart danced

My eyes started shining

I didn’t know why they did

I could study English more than ever


My Host Family

My host family was a boy and a man

Boy was younger than me

But he was as tall as me

I opened my eyes widely

Man was so kind

They gave me many new experiences

My heart became warm


Change my Attitude

I took many experiences in USA

I spoke to people in English many many many…

I tackled language wall

How useless school’s English was!

I thought I must aquire English power to speak

My passion became boosting

Poem about Memories(2)

British Hills

Snow was heavy

My eyes could catch it clearly

Friend’s hand was very warm

British facility were so bright but so quiet

It looked like masic school

Many English learners were there

New interaction opened my feeling

Junior High School


I learn only English words

I learn only English grammars

I heard teacher’s bad pronunciation

My classmates look robots

I feel like a robot too

Is this class necessary?

Don’t I waste time?

Long time is just passing


Interaction with Foreigners

I was high school student

I had chances interact with foreign students

My classmates talked them enjoyably

I just smiled and nodded

I felt my brain flew away

My mouth just took air

My face became red

Poem about Memories(Modification)


A small white room

two teachers and few classmate

I opened the textbook

One of teacher speak language

I did not know it

But my heart beat strongly

I met English

High School

Cherries blossom

Many girls and few boys in the room

Their face are like sun

I do not know most of them

anxiety, fear, hope, excited

I study as a high school student


The strong sun shone me

The vast sea swallowed me

The beach excited me

Buildings were big

Different cultural smell

All of seeing made my eyes bright

All of hearing tickled my heart

This is my first impression in the USA